Recommended Skills and Experience

We will now give a short overview of the recommended skills and experience in order to be able to successfully complete a business requirements management project.

Discussing and Interpreting of Business Requirements

To be able to take part in the discussion and interpreting of requirements it is necessary to have an in depth domain knowledge as well as the ability to think logically and creatively.

Analyzing and documenting the requirements

To be able to analyze and document the requirements one must be an experienced information analyst. Also, one must have a rich experience in crafting requirements. A thorough domain knowledge of the business domain helps.

Facilitating the workshops

To be able to facilitate workshops one must be an experienced person in leading meetings without having a personal interest in the outcome. Also, managing the agenda is very important. If a discussion does not converge, it is important to park the issue on the Open Issue list.

Change Management

Project are always changing something in an environment. This implies that being experienced with change management is a very important aspect of the work. In business requirements things tend to change very fast, much faster than in waterfall project. Hence adaptability is essential.

Business and IT alignment

Business requirements projects are taking place on the frontier of business and IT. So it is important to be acquainted with both worlds, and to be able to discuss with people out of both worlds.

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