GRC as Instrument for Fast, Cost-effective and Sustainable Improvements!

The implementation of van GRC usually leads to a cost increase of about 8%. Hans Lodder realizes, together with his partners Requirements Management and Results2Match GRC implementations with a guaranteed cost reduction of 0,5-1% on your budget. This turns GRC into an excellent instrument for realizing fast, cost-effective and sustainable improvements in organization, business processes, and information systems.

GRC is an instrument, thus a sword that can cut at both sides

GRC is an instrument, a tool. Like any other instrument it can be used for good purposes, as well work against you.

GRC leads to cost increase

GRC started out new. We all are familiar with examples of bad company behavior. This had to stop. Because organizations were not familiar with GRC expensive consultants were hired. These performed very thoroughly, but unfortunate;y did more than was asked for. Furthermore, the knowledge transfer to the standing organization was not always adequate. The result was a less than optimal GRC process.

GRC as instrument to realize improvements

A GRC implementation consist of 3 large steps:

  1. Implement the GRC process.
  2. Determine GRC priorities.
  3. After care: Polish the GRC process.

Implement the GRC process

A GRC process consists of 3 parts. The (forward) process itself, an actionable dashboard to follow the results and identify exceptions, and the control (feedback) process to improve the GRC process.

Determine GRC priorities

GRC consists of the parts own business rules of the organization, branch rules and legislation, and risk management. All these rules must be balanced and prioritized. This implies that should be assessed what can go wrong when a rule is not maintained, and where and when the rule best can be enforced.

Furthermore, one should be aware that risks not only mean things can go wrong, but also that the result is far more better than expected.

If we assess risks we have 4 categories of offenders:

  1. 1. People who essentially follow the rules, but sometimes make a mistake.
  2. 2. People who always look for wholes in regulations, but hate to be punished.
  3. 3. People who disobey the rules as long as they think there is only a slight chance of being caught.
  4. 4. People who always neglect the rules.

Each category needs his own and balanced approach. That way we can guarantee cost-effective measures.

If all necessary information is available, careful considerations regarding improvements and enhancements of the GRC process can be made.

After care: Polish the GRC process

Before the start of the enhancement of the GRC process the proposed results and advantages are defined. During the after care activities will be carefully checked whether these advantages are met. If necessary corrective actions will be undertaken.

GRC as instrument for fast, cost-effective and sustainable improvements!

Hans Lodder, together with his partners, Requirements Management and Results2Match, has more than 30 years experience with the implementation of GRC processes. Important elements of our approach are assessment of your current issues, what you think that is needed, and what you think is already working well.

Together with you we craft a solid plan, where we will guide you in a fast, cost-effective, and sustainable way to get a state of the art GRC implementation.

Your benefits are that you can balance your interest and your insight, and choose for that mix of measures that suits you best. You can trust us to stay at your side until you think that all advantages of teh Soll situation are harvested.

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