Checklist for Project Portfolio Management Project

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a very good instrument to implement many important aspects of IT Governance. PPM makes it possible to centralize business constraints and governance policies which should be central to all IT Services.

Project Portfolio Management Process Checklist

Every IT service, system or application should be managed in this way:

  • Business sets priorities and is owner (demand management).
  • IT provides their vision through extensive business and IT consultancy, asked or unasked (business and IT alignment).
  • Every request above a certain amount has a standard SMART business case assigned and approved.
  • Every year an outlook over 3 years is created, presented and discussed (resource optimization).
  • Standardization on:
    • Business case;
    • Portfolio, program, and project approach;
    • Quality assurance;
    • Planning, analysis, design, implementation, finance, administration and reporting;
    • Risk management.

Project Portfolio Management Content Checklist

Every IT service, system or application should be checked on these items:

  • Is a specific and measurable value added contribution to the business objectives.
  • Focuses on simplification and standardization:
    • A package instead of own development;
    • Configuration instead of programming;
    • Process integration instead of a new 'island'.
  • Flexibility and speed.
  • The same type of quality and performance indicators, and measured the same way, adapted to core operations as well as the other processes (transparency).
  • The same principles, concepts and the same level of abstraction.
  • Systems should be loosely coupled.
  • Avoid lock-in.
  • Description and implementation of systems should be separate.
  • Use multi dimensional perspectives for evaluation:
    • Business;
    • Development;
    • Runtime
    • Within and outside corporate infrastructure;
    • Optimal sourcing: in sourcing, outsourcing or buying of services;
    • Legal issues.
  • Transparency from the business sponsor viewpoint.
  • Separation of concerns:
    • Operation execution;
    • Exploitation of infrastructure services;
    • Control.

Checklist Improvement Professional Services

  • New business processes are delivered on time.
  • Regularly delayed implementations do not occur.
  • There is a direct insight in IT spending and the progress of tollgates and the relations between projects.
  • IT projects are properly aligned with business projects.
  • The portfolio performance is aligned with the business benefits management.
  • The business strategy horizon leads to proper business projects.
  • IT projects are integrated in the business projects.
  • There are no regular complaints that the IT cannot cope in time with business projects.
  • There is a direct and immediate day to day insight in the portfolio performance.
  • You know how the IT productivity compares with other IT departments.
  • You have no rising budget estimations due to inefficiency.
  • Your projects are successful and in line with all expectations.
  • The quality of your IT department compares well to other departments.
  • You experience no quality complaints.
  • The number of incidents compares favorably to other departments.

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