A Successful Approach to Business Intelligence (BI) is Difficult!

BI is a multidisciplinary art. In a recent article Forrester presents a BI process overview. Central to this report is a drawing that relates everything to everything, demonstrating the BI process complexity. You should study it carefully!

What my impressed most was the number of activities (9!) required to arrive at your BI solution: delivery, reporting, performance management, supporting application, analytics, discovery and integration, data, and infrastructure.

This makes me wonder about the question which activities you must perform yourself, and what you can outsource to others. It is your business operation, resulting in your business administration. So you are responsible for the business processes and results, and their success factors. In efficiency terms you should define a number of performance indicators to make sure that your business process implementation can compete with solutions provided by other competitive suppliers. You can outsource the implementation to a real solution provider.

A solution provider is this respect is a company that not only solves your 9 piece puzzle, but does it within your constraints, including the financial ones. A solution incorporates the fully operational business process, including working information system, end to end trained personnel, tools, and therefore a serious implementation.

How does BI work for you? If you are not satisfied I know a solution provider who really helps!


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