Fast, Cost-effective, and Sustainable Improvements!

Hans Lodder realizes, together with his partners Requirements Management and Results2Match more than 30 years fast, cost-effective, and sustainable improvements in organizations, business processes, and information systems. This results in guaranteed cost reductions on your budget of 0.5 – 1%.

Realizing Fast, Cost-effective, and Sustainable Improvements Concurrently?

Is it possible to successfully realize concurrently fast, cost-effective, and sustainable improvements in organizations, business processes, and information systems? It seems an utopistic idea. Improvement projects are under high pressure, because all of a sudden there materialized the insight that improvements are now needed. In such a situation there is no time for careful reflection. Unfortunately, it happened too often that after delivering the project the situation has become worse.

How Can Fast, Cost-effective, and Sustainable Improvements Be Realized Concurrently?

In order to be able to weigh the different goals and risks, and be able to implement suitable solutions in a risk-avoiding way the problems should be tackled from different perspectives. We guide you to realize these cost reductions in 3 steps:

  1. Down to earth evaluation of the current situation (Ist situation).
  2. Intelligent design of the requirements of the new situation (Soll situation).
  3. Systematically and well organized harvesting of all proposed advantages.

Down to Earth Evaluation of the Current Situation (Ist Situation)

We guide you to create in a practical way an adequate image of the current situation from multiple perspectives. If you already have one just the better! We guide you enhancing that, so it will be fit for purpose. That is sufficient.
We will cover the activities specifications gathering, quantification of issues, and prioritize actions. We calculate the losses of the the current situation.

By facilitating structured discussions with the employees from the operational work floor we will tap into the 'real' issues. We will create diagrams of activities and processes, develop a model, and get grip on the real issues, and not only consequences and symptoms.

Intelligent Drawing of the Requirements of the New Situation (Soll Situation)

During this step we will define what we want to achieve, and how we do know that we have achieved it. We define requirements and conditions, we check if these can be met realistically, and we create a plan and an implementation budget proposal based on a very solid business case.

With the help of modern working forms like RAD we get a good sense of how things will work in the new situation. That means we will derive concrete specifications as well as concrete test scripts that demonstrate the new reality.

Systematically and Well Organized Harvesting of all Proposed Advantages

The last step concerns the harvesting of the advantages. We will ask suppliers for offerings based on the new requirements. We will evaluate the proposals and choose a supplier, execute the plan, and make sure the we harvest all proposed advantages in the steady operational situation.

So we will train people, make the business process measurable is SMART sense, and close the feedback loop. We will create a controllable process.

Only when everybody is convinced that everything works as designed, then we can close the project.

Fast, Cost-effective, and Sustainable Improvements: What Tools Are Needed?

Hans Lodder and his partners Requirements Management and Results2Match, are specialized in fast, cost-effective, and sustainable improvements of organization, business processes, and information systems.
To be able to cope with such apparently contradictional aspects and come to an integrated approach Hans Lodder uses a number of well known and well proven methodologies regarding information management (IE), integrated solution definition (Systems Thinking), and program -, project -, and portfolio management (PRINCE2).
We will deal with perspectives as Requirements Management, Portfolio Management, and GRC.

For you this means that you can carefully weigh the aspects which you consider important, and choose for a combination of measures that fully suits you. It also means that the business requirements are fully detailed.
We stay with you and guide you until you are convinced that all proposed advantages are harvested.

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